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Hi there. I'm Lily- a writer/director/producer, beer lover, nature enthusiast, and certified trivia nerd. But that's not why  you're here.


Originally trained at New York’s Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, I began directing at age 14. I'm a proud graduate from the Film & TV Production program at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where I directed several short films including the award-winning sci-fi short The Fringes.

I'm currently excitedly waiting to release my newest narrative short film, The Biographer's Wife, with a post-pandemic premiere and festival run. I also have several invigorating feature screenplays in the works. 

In addition to narrative directing, I direct in the worlds of documentaries and commercial/branded content. I'm currently working with a great team to launch a science-and-tech based nonprofit production company with the goal of improving science communication among innovators and educators.


I often produce what I direct, and produce independently as well. One of the films I recently produced, Clemande, brought us to New York and Paris. Another, Bolero, was a finalist for the 2018 Student Academy Awards. My next producing project, KIN, is due for release in 2021.

When I'm not creating, I'm working with film festivals. I've worked for the  Programming teams at Sundance Film Festival and San Diego International Film Festival, as well as in theater operations for others.


As an avid fan of science fiction and of history, in my work I strive to combine these passions to create politically-minded science and speculative fiction as well as historical and wartime films.

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